Are the flowers real? 

Yes, they are! Our Forever Flowers go through a tedious drying process, which extracts moisture from fresh flowers. 

How long will my arrangement last?

It can last years if handled with care and kept in a dry environment. 

Pro Tips:

  1. Be gentle with the bouquet. Dried flowers are delicate and often shed when handled. 
  2. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can deteriorate or fade color from blooms.
  3. Do not place bouquet in or near water or around humidity.

My arrangement is shedding. Is that normal?

Yes, shedding is completely normal! Please refrain from handling arrangements too often to avoid excess shedding.

Do I need to water my arrangement?

No water is necessary for any Forever Flower arrangements! 

Should I remove the twine around my bouquet?

We recommend keeping the twine that's wrapped around the bouquet. The twine is there to keep the arrangement design in place.

How often should I water my succulent or cacti? 🌵

Use the soak and dry method, which is soak the soil completely, and only add water again once the soil is completely dried out. As a guideline, once every 7-14 days should be sufficient.